Custom Show Blankets

These quality Show Blankets with stamped wear leathers have a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Choose any size, any colors and one of our exclusive patterns to stand out in the show pen. We will customize your design and send you digital mock ups in less than 48 hours! We offer our $199 Regular show pads, or our upgraded $399 Elite show pads. 
  • The Regular is a great quality show blanket delivered at a great value. Completed in about 4 weeks, these $199 pads have been our best seller many years! Our customers rave that "we don't need to purchase $800+ pads because your quality is so good" but for those with champagne taste we now have an even BETTER option with the Elite line.
  • The Elite is comparable to the high end blankets in the market, but with quicker turnaround time and for only $399! Finer wool, tighter weave & the highest quality, the new Elite pads come with FREE SHIPPING, an embroidered carrying bag, and take 5-6 weeks for customs. 

How It Works:

  • STEP 1: Contact us using the form below. Give us an idea of which pattern(s) you like and colors you would like included. Please include special size requests and the color or your horse if possible. We will reply requesting a photo of your outfit or horse if available.
  • STEP 2: Next we will send digital templates based on your selections. We will adjust and tweak designs as much as needed to get your Show Blanket just right!
  • STEP 3: Choose your Show Blanket design and decide between our Regular $199 or Elite $399 show blanket. Pay your deposit to order ($50 deposit for Regular and $100 for Elite)
  • STEP 4: In approximately 4-6 weeks we will send a photo of your finished show blanket for approval! Once the balance/shipping is paid it will be on its way.
  • STEP 5: (optional): Share a photo with us of your BRT Show Blanket in action and leave us a review.

Not sure which pattern to pick? Browse our gallery of previous Custom Show Blankets for ideas HERE !