Kimes Ranch Betty 17 Women's Jean

Kimes Ranch

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"Everything I love about Betty, comfortable, mid rise, slimming lines, and a perfect fit.  It all lives within Betty 17.  I used a tri-blend technology to help with the rebound (holds its shape) and improve wearability).  A hand sand and rinse wash gives a lighter vibe, making this a great addition to your look." -Amanda Kimes

Our jeans have the longevity and durability you demand because we only source Ring Spun denim. Ring Spun denim has greater tensile/tear strength in the fabric form than Open End yarn found in other brands.  Thus, our jeans last 2-3 times longer.

Fabric: 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Elastine

Fit: Mid Rise. Fitted Thigh. Modest Bootcut

Details: Hand sand and rinse wash, Embroidered Horns

Construction: 3x1 Right Hand Twill. Ring Spun. 11.25oz. denim.