BackRoad Trading Company ELITE Fulton Show Blanket

Backroad Trading Company

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Colors: Black + Teal #209 + Teal #107 + Mint #205 + Grey #45 + White

34x42 oversized with stamped wear leathers. BackRoad ELITE show pads are next level and comparable to high end blankets in the market priced at over $800. They feature a finer, higher quality wool that allows for the tightest weave, crisper patterns and longer use. Elite pads come with an embroidered carrying bag and weigh approximately 10 lbs.

Note: Our "Fulton" pattern is the most intricate of our designs. As a result it requires more wool than the other patterns and is therefore about 1/2" thicker than our other blankets. The underside has more excess yarn, which does not affect its use, but has a different look and feel than other patterns as the bottom is more bulky and loose than our other patterns. The top is extremely tight and crisp, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee is good on every blanket purchased from us!